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Digital Forensics

At Cyber 7 Investigations, we offer specialized Digital Evidence Retrieval and Analysis services to cater to a diverse range of clients, including legal professionals, corporations, and individuals. Our highly skilled forensic experts employ cutting-edge techniques and tools to unlock the potential hidden within mobile devices and computer systems. In the realm of Mobile Forensics, we extract, preserve, and analyze data from smartphones, tablets, and portable electronic devices, providing access to critical information such as text messages, call logs, GPS locations, and app usage history. We maintain the utmost integrity of the data throughout the process, ensuring its admissibility in legal proceedings. In Computer Forensics, our experts excel in collecting, preserving, and scrutinizing electronic data from various sources, including computers, laptops, servers, and digital storage media, unearthing valuable evidence such as hidden files, emails, and browsing history. Our comprehensive and court-ready reports deliver findings in a clear, comprehensible format to support your legal strategy.


Our team comprises certified forensic analysts with extensive experience in handling complex digital investigations. We prioritize data integrity, maintaining rigorous standards for preservation and chain of custody to ensure the admissibility of evidence in court. Rest assured, your privacy and case confidentiality are paramount to us. With customized solutions tailored to meet your specific case requirements, Cyber 7 Investigations is your trusted partner for extracting actionable information from mobile devices and computer systems. Contact us today to explore how our expertise can assist you in achieving your investigative objectives effectively and professionally.

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